Asus Transformer Book T100 – Windows Hybrid Tablet!

Asus Transformer Book T100 – Windows Hybrid Tablet!

Asus TransformerBook T100 Review

Asus Windows Tablet

The Asus TransformerBook T100 is perfect for users with basic computing needs that want the flexibility of a convertible notebook without the steep price tag. Here’s more about this new affordable Windows 8 hybrid Asus netbook.

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A long time ago in Techland, Netbooks were a big deal: they were cheap, portable, and effective, if unexciting. Then came tablets, which could do a lot of the same things, but in a more organic, touch-controlled way.

Windows 8 has attempted to redefine small-form-factor computing. but the humble Netbook has been left behind in favor of tablets that flip and dock into hybrid computers. The Asus Transformer Book T100 has arrived to be your possible savior: it is the closest thing we have to a New Netbook, with a similarly small 10-inch screen and cramped-but-cozy keyboard, but it also happens to have a detachable top half that becomes a Windows 8 tablet. And, it’s under $400: $379, or even less at some places.

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Full Windows 8 PCs running newer Intel Atom processors and costing around $400 have been here for the last year, but here’s why the T100 is special: it has a newer Bay Trail Atom processor that’s faster and offers far better battery life, and the overall shape and design is a lot like the Asus Transformer Android keyboarded tablets , which we’ve always been fond of. A Transformer that runs full Windows? What can possibly be bad about that?

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