Asus Unveils Chromebook Flip

Asus Unveils Chromebook Flip

Chromebook Flip Review

The new Chromebook Flip is a laptop and tablet in one, while the Chromebit plugs into a monitor via an HDMI port and allows users to turn the display into a basic PC.

Chromebook Flip

The Chromebook Flip is the first consumer facing hybrid, and is small (10.1-inch display) and thin. The display rotates all the way round to rest under the keyboard, becoming a thin and light (under two pounds) tablet. It is similar to a number of Windows models with one big exception: it lacks good touch support.

Chromebooks have been available with touch screens since the original Chromebook Pixel. They aren’t common but there are a few models on the market. One reason they aren’t common is that touch support in Chrome OS is not very good, so there’s no incentive for OEMs to build Chromebooks with touch.

Video About Chromebook Flip

That’s where the Chromebook Flip will hopefully play a role in the evolution of the genre. As the first reasonable consumer facing Chrome tablet, it may finally give Google incentive enough to get in high gear to bring good touch operation to the OS.

This shouldn’t be a stretch for the company behind Android, a platform designed from the ground up to use touch as the primary method of operation. But Chrome OS is the opposite; it was designed for cursor control as the interface came directly from the desktop version of the Chrome browser.

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