Asus Vivobook X200MA: The netbook that makes a remarkable comeback

Asus Vivobook X200MA: The netbook that makes a remarkable comeback

Asus Vivobook X200MA Launch

Asus Vivobook X200MA Review

Some might call the midsize Asus VivoBook X200MA attractive, and it’s certainly inexpensive, but too many sacrifices were made to hit that budget price.

Asus Vivobook X200MA


Netbooks, it seems, are making a remarkable comeback thanks to the likes of Asus. The Taiwanese manufacturer single-handedly kickstarted that revolution back in 2007 when it launched the Eee PC range. Over the next five years, millions of these low-cost, small form factor laptops were sold until Android tablets flooded the market.

But now, buoyed by Microsoft’s decision to give Windows 8.1 (and possibly Windows 10) away for free on devices with displays smaller than 9-inch (and possibly bigger), and Intel’s commitment to undercut rival ARM manufacturers, traditional PC makers are launching netbook-like products again, especially around the £200 (about $300, AU$370) price mark, which is where this Asus effort is pitched.

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The Vivobook X200MA that we’re reviewing today reminds me a lot of the Asus Eee PC Seashell 1101 that was reviewed by TechRadar more than five years ago. They have similar dimensions, similar screen sizes and resolution (11.6-inch LED backlit, 1366 x 768 pixels) and an equally impressive array of connectivity options.

The model sent to us came with a blue metallic lid and a black matte finish, which I very much prefer to the glossy shiny one of some of its earlier predecessors.

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