An Audi R8 for Free? – It’s a Computer Hoax, Don’t Be A Victim!

An Audi R8 for Free? – It’s a Computer Hoax, Don’t Be A Victim!

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Who wouldn’t want to have a free Audi R8? Especially if it is free? But who would also be willing to give away a free Audi R8? Clearly, it is one of the computer hoaxes in the internet.

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Thousands Fall with Each Hour for Free Audi R8 Facebook Scam

Over 200,000 Facebook users have fallen prey to a like-farming scam promising two free Audi R8 cars, and thousands join the victim list with each hour, according to antivirus software provider Bitdefender. The bait spreads on fraudulent web pages and Audi communities, and also targets car lovers with malicious videos picturing Audi R8 in a race against Nissan GT-R.


Bitdefender was already detecting the malware spreading within the videos as JS:Trojan.JS.Likejack.A. As the name suggests, the Trojan can grab likes without users’ knowledge, making them accomplice in further cyber-crime activities.

At the time of analysis, the misleading Audi page gathered 179,551 likes and 211,736 shares. The numbers keep growing with thousands from one hour to another. Most users who enrolled in the free Audi R8 “giveaway” originate from the US, Denmark, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, and South Africa.

Though like-farming might look as one of the most harmless ‘cyber-crime’ activity, it has serious repercussions on the long run. Once they have accumulated high number of fans, like-farming Facebook pages launch other fraudulent activities such as malware and survey scams, this time to a much larger audience. The data base with unwary users can also sold on the black market, and used for more targeted attacks.

To increase the sense of urgency and convince users to spread the scam further as soon as possible, fraudsters placed November 20th as deadline for their fake competition.

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Source:  Bianca Stanescu