How To Avoid Computer Repair Scammers

How To Avoid Computer Repair Scammers

How to Become a Certified Computer Technician

How To Avoid Computer Repair Scammers

Do you have a broken computer and wanted to have it repaired? You have to choose for the good computer technician that can fix your computer there are many scammers there pretending to be one. Here are some tips to avoid them.

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COLUMBUS — Officials are alerting consumers of a computer repair scam, where callers tell residents that their computer is falsely infected with a virus and offer a repair in order to get private information.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office received more than 50 calls about computer scams in September. Some have reported losing more than $100 or hundreds of thousands of dollars in unauthorized credit card transactions due to the scam.

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The caller falsely claims an affiliation with a well-known software company and notes that there is a a problem with the consumer’s computer. The caller requests remote access to the computer or for payment information while claiming they can correct the problem.

They may install malware to have access to consumers’ passwords and other personal information, which could lead to identity theft.

The following tips are suggested to protect from these type of scams:

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