Dell Precision M3800: Dell aims upgraded Laptop

Dell Precision M3800: Dell aims upgraded Laptop

Dell Precision M3800 Launch

Dell Precision M3800 Review

Looking for a profitable niche, the PC maker gives its 15-inch M3800 workstation a 4K display. Find out more about it here.

Dell Precision M3800

Dell, trying to curry favor with video editors who are more likely to use a MacBook, updated its M3800 workstation on Tuesday with a super-high-resolution 4K display, a faster Thunderbolt 2 connection and more capacious storage options.

In a quest to return to the glory days it once enjoyed in the PC market, Dell is aiming the machine squarely at Apple. That rival managed to sidestep the disaster that was the PC industry in recent years by focusing on profitable premium models, chiefly its MacBook Air and Pro lines, and by leading the smartphone and tablet charge that caused much of that disaster.

Video About Dell Precision M3800

Dell went private in February 2013 to try to rebuild its financial fortunes. A reviving PC market should help, but Dell still has nothing to compare with Apple’s iPhone and iPad business, which carried Apple to new heights with fourth-quarter profit of $18 billion on revenue of $74.5 billion. Dell shrugged off the prospects of a lackluster PC market.

“We believe we can continue to grow our share even in a declining industry space,” CEO Michael Dell said in an e-mail to CNET.

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