Dell XPS 18 Review: All-in-one PC

Dell XPS 18 Review: All-in-one PC

Dell XPS 18 Features

It’s a desktop! It’s a tablet! Despite looking like a traditional all-in-one PC, on closer look it becomes clear that Dell’s XPS 18 is meant to be carried around. All-in-one computer that also act like large-form tablets. How well do they work?

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Whether you call it a portable all-in-one or a tabletop PC, you have to call the Dell XPS 18 a versatile machine. In its stand, it can serve as a small all-in-one (AIO) desktop that you operate via its touch screen or its bundled wireless keyboard and mouse. Unlike most AIOs, the XPS 18 features a battery that allows the system to operate as a large Windows 8.1 tablet—a bit big for a lap, but ideal for use on a coffee table or kitchen table. And to aid tabletop operation, the system features two fold-out kickstands that let you position the screen at a steep angle for, say, watching Netflix or at a shallow angle for touching and tapping its screen.

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In many cases, a single product that tries to fill multiple roles performs no single role well. That is not the case with the XPS 18. The 18.4-inch screen is an ideal size for a system that is trying to be both a small desktop and a big tablet. It’s large enough for both productivity and entertainment pursuits when in desktop mode, but not so bulky to make the tablet experience feel unwieldy.

In addition to being the right size for its many jobs, the Dell boasts a sleek design. It’s thin and light and feels natural as a large tablet, and its stand is small but heavy to create a sturdy anchor when you want to use it as an all-in-one.

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Source: Matthew Elliott

Image source: Wai Lim Chan