Distinguish and Stop The Latest Online Scams

Distinguish and Stop The Latest Online Scams

Computer Phone Scam

Latest Online Scams

Be alert and be intelligent enought to spot and avoid online scams. Most target are students, renters, and romance-seekers; but everyone is at risk. Have a look at this article for more information.


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Netflix users are receiving bogus e-mails telling them their account has been suspended and instructing them to call a toll-free number to regain access. The fake Netflix/Microsoft support person tricks them into giving the criminal access to their computer, as Techlicious’s Fox Van Allen explains.

Not only is their personal information stolen, the victims are blackmailed into paying the crooks $400 to “fix” the problem.

Video about Computer Phone Scam

Here’s the real solution: Don’t ever click a link in an e-mail message. Instead, open your browser and enter the URL in the address field manually. You just can’t trust e-mail links, not even ones you think are from a trustworthy source.

Also, neither Netflix or Microsoft is ever likely to instruct their customers to call a toll-free number for any reason, let alone for technical support.

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Image Source: Michael Holdcroft