Find the right IT technician to keep your computer on track

Find the right IT technician to keep your computer on track

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IT Technician is important if you are having a bad, broken computer. Finding the right it technician could lead to a hassle-free to fix the computer at an affordable price, and how to tell if they’ll do a good job? Here are some simple tips on how to find a good it technician.

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From my experience with the hundreds of clients we’ve served, I’ve come up with some tips about how to identify a good computer tech. I’d like to share them with the general public.

    • A good tech likes to educate. While onsite, she will answer your questions patiently and in as much detail as you want. A good tech does not use phrases like “you’ll just have to trust me.” You have a right to feel comfortable and understand everything the tech is doing to YOUR equipment. All of our techs are good communicators and enjoy the interactive aspects of our work.

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  • A good tech will provide references upon request. Generally, when requested, we provide references from clients that are in the same category (residential, small business, sole proprietor) as the prospective client requesting the reference. We are also very proud of the feedback our clients have left on our own testimonials page.

  • A good tech behaves in a courteous and professional manner, arrives on-time or calls if he is running late, and does not make inappropriately personal comments.

  • A good tech should arrive prepared with the proper tools to do the job. If the tech does not have the tools to finish the job that day, she should advise the client of that fact before work begins.

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