Get a 480GB solid-state mSATA drive for $139.99

Get a 480GB solid-state mSATA drive for $139.99

480GB solid-state mSATA Drive

The ultimate upgrade for your Ultrabook or other ultra-slim laptop, this mini-SATA drive normally sells for at least $200. Plus: two bonus deals!

Solid-state mSATA Drive

If you splurged on an Ultrabook or any other pancake-height laptop in the last couple years, chances are good it came with not a lot of storage. My two-year-old Samsung, for example, has just 128GB — and I routinely bump into that low ceiling.

Alas, upgrades tend to be pricey, as Ultrabook-friendly mSATA drives (which are tiny, “naked” versions of the enclosed SATA III drives you’re probably used to seeing) have been slower to reach mass production.

Video About Crucial M500 480GB mSATA

That’s why I’m particularly excited about today’s deal: Today only, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Crucial M500 480GB mSATA internal solid-state drive for $139.99 shipped. It lists for $259.99 and sells elsewhere for at least $200. (Price at Newegg, for example: $226.99.) For $139.99 you’d usually be lucky to score a 256GB drive. This? This is more.Nearly double, in fact. And for me, it would nearly quadruple the available storage in my Samsung, which is humming along just fine save for that one issue.

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