Google of antitrust violations for “abusing search dominance”

Google of antitrust violations for “abusing search dominance”

Google of antitrust violations

The European Commission on Wednesday accused Google of antitrust violations, saying in a so-called statement of objections that the online giant has been using its position in Internet search to favor its own services.


The European Union is charging Google with abusing its dominant position in search to promote the company’s other services. The EU has been investigating complaints that Google allegedly diverts traffic from rivals in favour of its own services for several years, and has grown increasingly exasperated at Google’s failure to offer significant remedies. Now it appears the EU is preparing to hit the search giant with a massive fine for antitrust breaches.

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Google will today be served with a statement of objections from the EU, focusing in particular on the undue prominence given to Google’s Shopping results. The EU will also open a formal investigation into whether Google has abused its position with the Android operating system.

Google is by far and away the dominant search provider. Globally, Google accounts for around 62% of the desktop search market, according to NetMarketShare, and it accounts for around nine out of ten searches in the UK. Competitors in markets such as travel, shopping and rival search engines have complained that Google peverts its search results to give its own services an unfair advantage, depriving them of valuable traffic.

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