Google Will Build Quantum Computer Chips

Google Will Build Quantum Computer Chips

Google’s Quantom Computer

Quantom Computer Chips

Google’s Quantum AI Lab is developing its own hardware for research into quantum computer chips and machine learning. They are not content with their last invention they will now be designing and building its own quantum computer chips. Find out more about that chip here.

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Google is expanding its efforts in quantum computing with a new hardware initiative as part of its Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Google’s Quantum AI team announced Tuesday that it will start designing and building quantum information processors that are based on “superconducting electronics.” This will eventually let the Quantum AI Lab conduct quantum computing research using hardware based on its own designs.

Video about Google’s Quantom Computer Chips

Google has partnered with UC Santa Barbara physicist John Martinis and his team to build out the processors. Martinis is a leader in the field of quantum research and was awarded the London Prize earlier this year for his work in quantum information processing and computing.

“With an integrated hardware group the Quantum AI team will now be able to implement and test new designs for quantum optimization and inference processors based on recent theoretical insights as well as our learnings from the D-Wave quantum annealing architecture,” wrote Hartmut Neven, Google’s director of engineering, in a Google+ post on Tuesday.

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