Google’s Chromebook Pixel joins the USB-C club

Google’s Chromebook Pixel joins the USB-C club

Chromebook Pixel Review

Google launches a new online store to sell its latest devices — including an updated Chromebook pixel laptop that packs two USB-C ports.

Chromebook Pixel

Apple isn’t the only company pushing a new laptop with a higher-resolution display and a premium price. And, like the new 12-inch MacBook, the updated Google Chromebook Pixel has features that will please some and frustrate others, all for more than you’ll spend on other systems with similar components.

If you’re thinking the second-gen version of the Pixel looks familiar, you’re right: this is nearly the same design with the same gorgeous, high-resolution display as its 2013 predecessor. Both Pixels run Chrome OS, Google’s cloud-based operating system, but while the original started at a ambitious $1,299, the new Pixel drops the starting price to $999.

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With gradual improvements to Chrome OS since then, and a greater focus on cloud and browser-based support from the apps and services you’re mostly likely to use, buying a Chromebook is a much easier case to make today then it was two years ago. But it’s still expensive for a laptop that limits the software you can run on it so severely. As with all Chromebooks, it’s limited to Web-based tools, plus a handful of built-in tasks for storing and interacting with photos and media.

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Image Source:Sofia Samme