Hard Disk Upgrade? Why not use Network Attached Storage!

Hard Disk Upgrade? Why not use Network Attached Storage!

Hard Disc Upgrades


We store a lot of photos, videos, games, programs and files in our computers. These usually are the reason that our hard disc needed an upgrade, because they occupies big memory in our system unit. But as technology upgrades everytime, no need for you to do hard disc upgrades too but rather, use the a Network Attached Storage. Here are some of the benefits from using a NAS: 


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Your beloved Mac sits at the center of your tech universe, but it falls short when it comes to managing and securing the scores of data you count on each day. NAS (network attached storage) fills in the gaps, acting as a central hub for all your photos, videos, music, and other files. A proper NAS-Mac setup can save time and reduce stress through easier downloads, improved organization, smoother backups, and more. Here are some great ways you can use NAS to make the most of your Mac.

Centralize your files

Storing files in the public cloud is a great way to ensure they’re always attainable, but it’s easy to fail to sync the latest version or lose track of which ones you keep where, especially if you use multiple cloud providers to avoid hitting your storage limit. NAS can coordinate all those accounts, keeping tabs on your data whether it’s stored in iCloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or on your Mac. NAS can also automatically import and store data from mobile devices, including photos from your iPhone or iPad. This gives you a fully connected, completely organized — and most importantly — centralized system for your data, regardless of where it’s acquired or stored.

Share files quickly and easily

Sharing files typically means emailing them or sending them through a public cloud provider. With NAS, you can create personal cloud accounts for your friends, family, and coworkers. These accounts cost nothing and give others access to whatever files they need without requiring you to send them or upload them. Account holders can also upload their own files to the NAS, allowing for easy collaboration. To share files without requiring a login, programs like QNAP’sFile Station can send a unique URL which, when clicked by the recipient, automatically downloads files from your NAS device.

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Source: Ian Eire

Image Source:   Jorgen Schyberg