HTTP Sites No Longer a Secure Site Effective Next Year

HTTP Sites No Longer a Secure Site Effective Next Year

How Reliable and Secure are these HTTP Sites in the Internet?

As you can see, there are two types of website – the HTTP and the HTTPS. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. Google, as part of its security, no longer wanted these unsecure sites too. Let’s find out what Google are planning to make our browsing safe and secure.

HTTP Sites will be recognize as unsecure site by Google.

Google Will Mark HTTP Sites As Unsafe Starting in 2015

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Google plans to mark all HTTP pages “insecure” to warn users about data security and privacy issues, according to

As part of the open-source Chromium Projects, the initiative will affect Chrome starting in January. It’s meant to encourage all website owners to switch to HTTPS by default.

“We all need data communication on the web to be secure (private, authenticated, untampered),” Google’s team said. “When there is no data security, the UA should explicitly display that, so users can make informed decisions about how to interact with an origin.”

The Google team suggests browsers define three basic states of security:

  • Secure (valid HTTPS)
  • Dubious (valid HTTPS but with mixed passive resources, valid HTTPS with minor TLS errors)
  • Non-secure (broken HTTPS or HTTP)

Also, they recommend “a phased approach to marking non-secure origins as non-secure.”

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Source:  Alexandra Gheorghe

Image Source:  Esparta Palma