IBM powers up Watson with AlchemyAPI acquisition

IBM powers up Watson with AlchemyAPI acquisition


IBM has acquired AlchemyAPI to accelerate next-generation cognitive computing applications.


IBM has acquired AlchemyAPI to improve the Watson platform and cognitive computing development.

Big Blue announced the purchase on Wednesday, saying the deal would improve next-generation cognitive computing applications and significantly expand the Watson ecosystem.

Denver, CO-based AlchemyAPI is a developer of smart applications which utilize deep learning for real-time data analysis and processing of unstructured data for use by businesses. AlchemyAPI offers a deep learning platform which can be used by companies to build smarter apps which are capable of advanced data capabilities including taxonomy categorization, entity and keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and web page cleaning. The firm’s software platform processes billions of API calls per month across 36 countries.

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AlchemyAPI’s solutions are currently used by over 40,000 developers across 36 countries — all of which will now be part of the IBM Watson developer community.

IBM plans to integrate AlchemyAPI’s deep learning technology into the core Watson platform, which will “augment Watson’s ability to quickly identify hierarchies and understand relationships within large volume data sets,” according to the tech giant. In addition, AlchemyAPI’s technology is expected to enhance Watson’s ability to ingest, train and learn the “long-tail” of various data domains. The buyout will also boost the number and types of scalable cognitive computing APIs available to IBM clients.

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