Intel Core vPro processor: On Working Without Wires

Intel Core vPro processor: On Working Without Wires

Intel PC chips

Intel Core vPro processor

The leading maker of PC chips says its new Core vPro processor is now available and offers speedier performance, longer battery life and the need for fewer cords.

Core vPro processor

Intel is getting one step closer to its goal of eliminating cables from personal computers, saying Thursday that its newest chip for work computers — which packs in several wire-free features — is now available.

The fifth-generation Core vPro processor provides improved performance, longer battery life and better graphics than its fourth-generation predecessor, Intel said. On top of that, the chip provides two new functions to power a more wire-free workplace. It includes Intel’s wireless display technology, which is designed to let employees share presentations on conference room displays without the need for cords, and wireless docking, which enables users to connect their laptops to a large display, keyboard and mouse. These two features were still mostly in testing in the previous generation.

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“We aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires,” Tom Garrison, general manager of Intel’s business client platforms, said in a statement.

Intel, the top maker of desktop and laptop chips, has said it plans to create a wire-free PC by next year. A wireless and tangle-free computer has long been a goal in the tech world, but the idea has been slowed by the need to connect to peripheral devices, like a keyboard and display, as well as a power source. In recent years, advances in wireless charging and superfast, short-range wireless connections using WiGig technology have brought the idea closer to reality.

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