Laptops manufactured in China

Laptops manufactured in China

Laptops manufacturing in China

How Laptops are built and manufactured in China

Pegatron manufactures laptops and other electronic devices, including Microsoft, HP, and Dell. The company was spun off by computer maker Asustek in 2010 under pressure from its manufacturing clients to do so. Who made your laptop?


If you bought a laptop recently, chances are it came off the assembly lines of one of a handful of electronics contract manufacturers in China. One of them, Pegatron, recently gave The Wall Street Journal a look at how laptops are made at its facility in the western Chinese city of Chongqing.

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Taiwan-headquartered Pegatron makes headlines these days mostly due to its role as a supplier of iPhones for Apple.  But long before that, the company had been a supplier of laptops for brands like Hewlett-Packard  and Toshiba.

Pegatron’s factory is clustered alongside other electronics makers in an industrial park north of the smoggy, frenetic heart of Chongqing. Around 5,000 workers live and work there. Only a few years old, the factory is shiny and clean – and it never stops, day or night. Workers in knit jerseys, cloth gloves and light blue hats rotate in shifts to keep laptops rolling in a constant stream.

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