Linux Fedora 21 latest updates

Linux Fedora 21 latest updates

Linux Fedora 21

What is in the new update of Linux Fedora 21?

This is a good news for the user of the Linux operating system. But what is in the new Linux Fedora 21? Will this be a good update, or just like the old ones? Here’s a good read to check to find out more about the update in this OS.

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Say hi to Linux’s future: Fedora 21 is here

linux fedora 21

Summary: Red Hat’s latest community Linux distribution, Fedora 21, is here and it offers a glimpse at Linux’s future.

If you want to see where enterprise Linux is going, you should look at Red Hat’s community Linux distribution, Fedora, today.

It’s in Fedora that Red Hat explores the cutting edge of Linux and open source software developments. While not everyone will like where Fedora is going — for example, Fedora’s init system systemd still has many detractors — it’s still the bellwether for Linux. If a software library or program isn’t in Fedora at some point, it’s not likely to ever show up in mainstream Linux.

The latest Fedora, which has been the case for the last few updates, arrived a bit late. Never the less, it works well.

Instead of focusing on the desktop, as was once the case, Fedora now comes in three different variants: Fedora 21 Cloud, Fedora 21 Server, and Fedora 21 Workstation.

Each is meant to meet a specific use case. However, they all share in a common base set of packages, which includes the brand new Linux 3.18.0 kernel, RPM, yum, systemd, and the Anaconda installer. According to Red Hat, “This small, stable set of components allows for a solid foundation upon which to base Fedora.”

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Source:  Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

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