Old MacBook fetching thousands on eBay

Old MacBook fetching thousands on eBay


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One eBay seller’s 2007 MacBook doesn’t run as quickly as it used to, but since being possessed, it has reportedly taken to writing notes, levitating and helping out with chores around the house.


With technology advancing so quickly, a MacBook from 2007 might be nearly obsolete for most of us, but if you’re a ghost from the early 20th century, it makes for a downright swanky place to chill. That’s the basic pitch behind the auction of a “haunted” Apple computer on eBay that’s already going for more than $6,200 as of this writing.

According to seller “wfatzinger,” (who has no real history to speak of on eBay — spooky, I know), the 13-inch white 2007 MacBook “works great and may also be haunted by a ghost or specter. (Computer is NOT haunted by a demon or “devil man” negative entity.)”

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In fact, it seems that this OS X poltergeist is actually quite helpful. The product listing claims that the owner returned home to find that the haunted computer had vacuumed the den and left a love note.

Apparently, according to the, um, rather unusual listing, it writes with a pen and paper, which makes sense once you know that the spirit was electrocuted in 1902 after being framed for the murder of his wife — clearly he’s not going to be as skilled with a word processor, making you wonder why it didn’t haunt something a little more analog.

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Image Source: Milind Alvares