All-in-one Desktop Computer: Dell XPS 27

All-in-one Desktop Computer: Dell XPS 27

Dell XPS 27 Review

Dell XPS 27 Designs and Features

Dell caught our attention with an all-in-one desktop that offered powerful performance, flexibility, and one of the best Windows 8 experiences found on a desktop PC. Here’s the features, design, and performance of Dell’s XPS 27, we think this is the best all-in-one on the market today.

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With all the attention being paid to Windows 8 laptops, tablets, and hybrids with touch screens, it can be easy to forget that an all-in-one desktop is perhaps the most natural use of a touch screen in a computer. In fact, years before Windows 8 made touch a near-requisite for all new PCs, these desktop-bound systems had already made big inroads into touch screens, with varying success.

But the Windows 8 era now gives us a certain conformity across different PC types. Your laptop, tablet, flip-screen hybrid, or desktop all-in-one all share the same tile-based Windows 8 interface and very likely all have a touch screen. We’ve seen a handful of all-in-one systems, from Vizio, Asus, Lenovo, and others that have managed this Windows 8 transition well, but no one has a kitchen sink product quite like the Dell XPS One 27.

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Even in its previous incarnation , released just after Windows 8, this system was a favorite of ours. The latest update keeps the prices steady, at $1,599 to $2,599, but adds Intel’s new fourth-generation Core i-series CPUs, also known by the code name Haswell. It also upgrades the dedicated Nvidia GPU to a GeForce 750M, which should be good enough for all but the most serious gamers.

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