Origin PC slims down its highest-end gaming laptops

Origin PC slims down its highest-end gaming laptops

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Origin PC Eon17-X

Laptops with desktop CPUs, plus a Steam-friendly living room PC from this boutique gaming company.

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LAS VEGAS — Most new gaming laptops try to slim down as much as possible, cutting features and power in favor of thin, lightweight designs. In many cases, that means using low-voltage mobile CPUs and mid-range laptop graphics cards, such as the middle-of-the-road Nvidia GeForce 860M.

Origin PC, a boutique gaming computer maker, is also trying to make its biggest gaming laptops thinner, but not at the expense of performance. The company’s new Eon15-X and Eon17-X laptops put full-power desktop CPUs from Intel inside a notebook body, alongside the highest-end current mobile graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M.

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Origin PC, and other custom gaming PC companies, have combined desktop CPUs and laptop bodies before, but the new X series is a full 40 percent thinner than the previous iteration of this combo, thanks to a new, smaller chassis that can support this unusual component combination.

Like most smaller gaming PC companies, Origin PC uses laptop shells made by manufacturers such as Clevo, Compal or MSI, then customizes and tweaks the components inside and adds design features such as logos and lid panels to create a semicustom look. In this case, the Eon-X bodies come from Clevo, a company responsible for a big chunk of the enthusiast gaming laptop market.

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