How to pick the perfect PC gaming laptop.

How to pick the perfect PC gaming laptop.

Best Gaming Laptop

If you want to experience the true quality that a game has to offer, then PC gaming is the way to go. As with desktops, the best gaming laptops tend to be configured specifically for gaming performance. So here’s the important things to know when choosing the best gaming laptop.

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Desktop diehards and the Reddit build-it crowd might scoff at the very concept of a portable PC gaming machine, but the gulf between gaming desktops and gaming laptops has narrowed considerably over the years. Today’s laptops can play modern games at 1080p and higher with few to no compromises in graphics settings. And that’s not bad.

Sure, traditional desktop PCs offer more expansion options and easier upgrade paths, and can be significantly cheaper for the performance you get. But there’s no denying the appeal of a single, self-contained gaming machine that you can move from the living room to the dining room to even the back porch.

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You just need to pick your gaming laptop wisely. Your decisions will key into a series of component choices, so let’s dig into them, one by one.

GPU: Your 3D graphics engine
Modern games are all about 3D graphics, which means the most important component in your gaming laptop will be the graphics card, or GPU (short for graphics processing unit). Today, only two manufacturers make respectable mobile GPUs: AMD and Nvidia.

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