Samsung UD590- Gaming-focused 4K monitor

Samsung UD590- Gaming-focused 4K monitor

Samsung UD590 4K Monitor Review

Samsung 4K HD Monitor

4K is the next standard in high definition. Samsung’s new UD590. Is it time for an upgrade? Here’s more about the size, design and image quality of Samsung’s new 28-inch UD590 4K monitor.

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The emergence of new technology is usually accompanied by high price points and a lack of choice, requiring deep pockets and the patience to put up with exciting, but often flawed first efforts.
Most 4K monitors are still very expensive, but efforts by manufacturers to bring down prices means that they are now able to put out models catering to different use cases, striking a balance between features and quality in a bid to bring the technology to wider adoption.
Why 4K displays make sense for business

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A case in point, Samsung’s 28-inch UD590 makes compromises in just the right areas. Relatively affordably priced at £429 ($679, or AUS$782), it is being aimed at gamers, media consumers and productivity-conscious users thanks to its 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, which is four times that of a regular 1080p monitor.

There is an ever-increasing number of competing models at this price point, which include Acer’s XB280HK (£499) that features Nvidia’ frame synchronising G-Sync technology, AOC’s U286PQU (£399), and Asus’ PB287Q (£450). Additionally, if you think that 28 inches may be too big for you, Dell offers an impressive 24-inch 4K monitor in the UltraSharp UP2414Q.

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