SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive Review

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive Review

Sharing content wirelessly is something that is the norm in today’s modern society. With our mobile devices, computers, and the cloud, everything is in sync and in a constant stream of access. But what happens if you do not have decent broadband internet access, or you are travelling – what do you do then? Well, you could load up one device with everything you need and bring some USB flash drives to pass around to share with others. Or you could look for a more intuitive solution.

Video About SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive

Enter the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive. This cool little device is a portable home entertainment system that can fit in your pocket and stream HD flicks to up to five devices simultaneously, for about eight hours on a single charge. The Wireless Media Drive uses MicroUSB to charge, which doubles as a way to connect the Media Drive to a computer to drag-and-drop files onto it – and it comes with an SD Card slot to instantly share photos.

How much does this SanDisk gadget cost? Well, there are only two models, a 32GB drive and a 64GB drive. The 32GB drive costs £65 ($80, which is around AU$103), and the 64GB drive is £80 ($109, which is around AU$155).

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Image Source:Lester Chan