Security as One of the Main Focus on the Future of IT

Security as One of the Main Focus on the Future of IT

Data Security Standards

It is undeniably that the major users of Information Technology are the big companies worldwide that have been connected in the world wide wed. But with the widespread use of technology and internet comes the threats making the business become vulnerable. As the continuous usage of IT nowadays, how can we be so sure that we meet the data security standards for both the personal and business usage?

If you are unsure if you have met the data security standards, Crawley Computer Centre will help you understand and will help your PC be protected from harmful attacks in the internet world.

data security standards

Research: 82 percent of IT leaders consider security a top priority

Summary: Tech Pro Research’s latest report shows how the technology landscape will evolve over the next three years, identifying the products and vendors that will stay relevant, and those that will become obsolete.

Technology is no stranger to change. Finding out how the technology landscape will evolve, and which products and vendors will stay relevant, as well as what companies and IT departments will do to stay on top of the game and embrace change, is what IT leaders need to know in order to make the right technology decisions.

Tech Pro Research conducted an online survey in September to find out what is predicted for the future of IT. The resulting report, IT Leaders’ Tech Predictions for 2015-2018, gleaned results from 418 survey respondents. CXOs and non-CXOs were polled, and the results compared to get their views on what the next three years will bring. The opinions of the two groups were largely the same, but some interesting insights can be gleaned from where they differed, showcasing business leader priorities as well as those in the various fields and trenches of IT.

Key findings include:

  • Improving security, lowering costs, improving applications to match business processes and project management are company priorities.
  • Increasing productivity through technology and improving efficiency and business processes are key issues for IT departments.
  • Moving data and services to the cloud is seen as important (more so by CXOs), but there is also a level of dedication to in-house systems and servers, which is based on a certain degree of skepticism.
  • Cloud computing turbulence is expected and a push to on-premises software may take place.
  • The Internet of Things is strongly expected to take off.
  • There is more faith in the future of Linux desktops than in the possibility of Apple surpassing Microsoft in the enterprise.
  • Security, mobility and big data are the top three technologies to watch.

Security is a top company priority

In order to compare organizational versus IT departmental goals, the survey asked respondents to analyze technological priorities on a company-wide basis. Improving security, improving applications to better fit business processes, lowering costs and project management were seen as significant priorities by both groups. The least-chosen option, automation of software/settings/configuration, was still selected on average by nearly half of the survey respondents.

CXOs chose the following technological priorities more often than the average respondent:

  • Project management (14%)
  • Implementing mobility-based operations for company processes (13%)
  • Ensuring IT personnel are properly trained (9%)
  • Improving applications to better fit processes (6%)

The biggest gap between CXOs and overall respondents appears in the choice of project management, which, while considered a desirable priority by at least half of both groups, was chosen 14 percent more often by CXOs.

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Source:  Teena Hammond

Image Source:  Chris Potter