Signs of Hard Drive Failure

Signs of Hard Drive Failure

Data Recovery for Failing Hard Drive

The hard drive is the computer’s main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer. But how can you tell if your hard drive is about to fail? Here are some symptoms you can observe in your computer.

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Whenever a hard drive fails , everything happens all of a sudden . Within seconds your hard drive crashes and with it goes your important data . You can get a new hard disk but not your data . If you are lucky enough you can pay for a professional data recovery service and get your data back . If you don’t want to, then you can try out everything yourself . until you end up with recovering bits and pieces of your valuable data . which won’t be of any use to you .


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But everybody deserves a second chance and you can save your important data beforehand . Like everything else , a failing hard drive has certain signs and symptoms . If you get to know of these symptoms beforehand then you have a good chance of saving your important data .

A few days back i wrote a post on how to find out the health status of your hard drive . I hope the was useful to you . Today i am going to tell you about 5 signs and symptoms which indicate your hard drive is going to fail . Continue reading on to know more about the 5 signs and symptoms that indicate your hard drive is going to fail .

1: Windows slowdown and BSOD

If your hard is about to fail , then you will find your computer to slow down ridiculously . Once this happens you will see that your computer will take ages to start up . Even if your your computer starts up you will notice that your computer will be very slow , even slower than a slug ! . Further when you try to open up any drive or folder on your computer , it will be very slow and may freezer your system or lead to a blue screen . While most of the experts will point towards low ram or junk data as the culprits . In my experience its always the hard drive .

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