Staples Connect D-Link Hub: A smarter smart hub from Staples Connect

Staples Connect D-Link Hub: A smarter smart hub from Staples Connect

Staples Connect D-Link Hub Review

The new D-Link version of the Staples Connect hub sports a better design than the original. Automations will work even when the Internet is down, and you don’t need to keep the hub plugged into your router. New, built-in radios for ZigBee and Bluetooth help it work with more devices than before.

Staples Connect D-Link Hub

Smart-home devices have plenty of connected tricks up their collective sleeve, but thanks to a glut of walled-off wireless protocols they aren’t always great at communicating with one another. That’s where control devices like the Staples Connect hub come into play. Acting like a router for your gadgets, the hub uses a variety of built-in wireless radios to communicate with your stuff and ensure that everything plays well together within a singular user experience.

Video About Staples Connect D-Link Hub

That’s the same pitch as you’ll hear from Wink and SmartThings, with hubs that cost $50 and $100, respectively. The new and improved D-Link version of the Staples Connect Hub sits right in the middle at $80. Aside from new support for Bluetooth and ZigBee, the D-Link hub boasts a better-looking build than the original Linksys version, as well as a design that lets you untether it from your router and stash it wherever you like.

The Staples Connect platform has seen a few key improvements since I last tested it, too. Along with sprucing up its controls a bit and adding a very helpful “Modes” feature, Zonoff (the Staples Connect platform provider) has announced support for new devices — most recently, high-end smart televisions and Bose speakers.

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