Surface Pro 3: More than a tablet, less than a laptop

Surface Pro 3: More than a tablet, less than a laptop

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The new Surface Pro 3 tablet has the power of laptop in a lightweight, versatile form, with a 12 inch display that will replace your other devices for good. Here’s more about the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 – better than a laptop, better than a tablet.

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Tablets are great for consuming entertainment, while laptops and other full PCs are required to actually create those works, or so the conventional wisdom goes. Some substitute the charged word “productivity” for creation, but the pitch is the same. You need one device for A, B, and C, and another for X, Y, and Z.

That means there’s a sizable group of people out there spending at least part of the time lugging around a laptop and a tablet simultaneously. I’ve been guilty of that, usually packing a 13-inch ultrabook or MacBook Air and an iPad into my carry-on bag for airline flights.

Video about Microsoft Surface Pro 3

With the new Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft, the software powerhouse (and occasional hardware maker) says it finally has the single grand unified device that will satisfy both the creation and consumption instincts equally.

That’s largely the same pitch, of course, we got for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets, which points to the difficulty in translating the full Windows 8.1 experience freely between a laptop and tablet. Dozens of our hands-on reviews of devices ranging from 8-inch slates to 13-inch two-in-one hybrids back this up, as does the mixed reception to the first two generations of the Surface Pro.

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Source: Dan Ackerman

Image source: Florent Montoya