Top Five External Hard Drives: Backup is Important

Top Five External Hard Drives: Backup is Important

External Hard Drive

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Hard Drive is a main storage device of a computer. An external hard drive has three main purposes: to expand your computer’s storage capacity, to back up your data, and to share data between. Choose from a great selection of external drive to use here.

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Backing up your digital storage is like insurance is to driving, you need it even though you hope you’ll never have to use it. Unfortunately, backing up is not required by law, and I’ve seen a lot of accidents where folks lose their precious data. You can buy a new car but you can’t buy back lost memories, no matter how much money you have.

In short, I can’t stress enough how important backing up is. The good news is it’s very easy, and cheap, to have a backup drive for your computer. Here are the top five external hard drives I’ve reviewed recently that make excellent home backup solutions. They are all affordable, easy to use, and work with both Windows PCs and Macs. They also come with helpful backup software for home users.

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Note that these drives are listed based on review order, with the latest review on top. They are equally great backup drives so pick one that fits your needs — generally you want to get a drive that has the same or larger capacity than that of your computer. Also, be sure to read more about data safety and check out CNET’s complete list of the best portable hard drives.

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