Toshiba Satellite P50t B-11D Review

Toshiba Satellite P50t B-11D Review

Toshiba Satellite Review

A combination of a terrific 4K display and Blu-ray drive make the P50t suitable for movie buffs seeking a solidly-built notebook. Whether you’ll get to the end of a film on that battery is another matter.

Toshiba Satellite P50t

As a touch 4K laptop, Toshiba Satellite P50T B-11D was expected to make an impact, visually at least. Toshiba call it the ‘world’s first 4K Ultra HD laptop’ and claim it delivers ‘true colour accuracy’, allowing you to see movies, photography and art as the artist intended. To back up that claim, they’ve crammed some solid hardware in there – but is it enough? And what can it really run?

This is a very different sort of professional laptop, unlike Toshiba’s own no-nonsense Satellite Pro R50. Like Toshiba’s P55T, this is a statement piece and the price (£1200, about $1800 or AU$2400) reflects that.

Toshiba’s stated aim is that this will be the laptop you buy to do high-end video-editing and photoshop work, in place of a Retina MacBook Pro (which, to even get near similar specifications, you’re looking almost double). Realistically, it’ll be bought by executives because it’s both expensive and shiny.

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Image Source:Vernon Chan