Vaio Ultrabook With 15-hour Battery

Vaio Ultrabook With 15-hour Battery

Vaio Ultrabook

Vaio Ultrabook Review

This lightest ever Sony Ultrabook was made possible using a special uni-direction carbon fibre material for the shell and a lightweight-oriented, slim design.

Vaio Ultrabook

One-time Sony company Vaio has emerged from the shadows with a convertible ultrabook that can apparently run for a leggy 15.5 hours on a single charge.

Called the Vaio Z (the Z stands for “Zero” to signify a new start – obviously), the 13.3-inch laptop sports Intel’s fifth-generation CPU and can flip 180 degrees thanks to a hinge on the back of the machine’s chassis. Clad in aluminium and carbon, it weighs 1.34kg and measures 16.8mm thick.

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Japanese investment fund Japan Industrial Partners, which snapped up the Vaio brand in February 2014, reckons the Zero can last up to 18 days on a mode that reduces battery consumption.

The company has pulled out all of the stops by equipping the Vaio Z with a high-speed SSD that boots in 0.3 seconds. It has a 221dpi full-HD LCD display with support for a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Vaio has also unveiled the Vaio Z Canvas, which features a 12.1-inch detachable display with a 2,560 x 1,704 pixel-resolution and 1TB HDD.

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Source: Kane Fulton

Image Source: Pierre Lecourt