Windows 10 Watches What You Type

Windows 10 Watches What You Type

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Windows 10 is an upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows. Find out its new features and why it can watch what you type.

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Developer previews and beta releases aren’t consumer software — they’re for testing, or at the very least, preparing devs for approaching the platform. And while this is obviously the case for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview, the idea of a company watching your every keystroke is no less uncomfortable.

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According to The Inquirer, Microsoft has admitted to monitoring file usage within the preview version of Windows 10, up to and including keylogging. The company has responded to concerns over the language in its Privacy Statement by reminding everyone it’s not a consumer product and users have agreed to the policy.

“Users who join the Windows Insider Program and opt-in to the Windows 10 Technical Preview are choosing to provide data and feedback that will help shape the best Windows experience for our customers,” said Microsoft in a released statement.

But before you work yourself into a frenzy and drop Windows for a tinfoil hat and Linux, Microsoft claims the privacy statement may change in the future. Or, at the very least, the company will be less inconspicuous on the matter.

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