Australian IT Sector Sees Skills Shortage

Australian IT Sector Sees Skills Shortage

Australian IT sector

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New research by the Australian Department of Employment has shown that the domestic information technology market is a long way from experiencing a skills shortage, with an average of almost 50 applicants per advertised job in the sector.

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Professional information technology job vacancies are among the easiest for employers in Australia to fill, according to the latest research by the country’s Department of Employment.

Far from representing what is sometimes identified by the nation’s recruitment industry as a sector afflicted by an increasing skills shortage, the domestic IT market is seeing plenty of suitable applicants for advertised jobs — an average of almost 50 per vacancy, in fact.

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According to the Department of Employment’s latest figures, the proportion of vacancies filled by IT professionals in Australia for 2014 was 84 percent — a much higher result than in building, construction, automotive trades, and food trades.

The average number of applicants per professional IT vacancy stood at 49.9 — five of which were considered “suitable” applicants — up by 18 applicants per job compared to the 2013 figures.

Vacancies for accounting, engineering, IT, and resource-related occupations attracted particularly large numbers of applicants (in excess of 35 per vacancy).

Electrotechnology and telecommunications trades recorded the largest rise in the number of applicants, from 15.1 per vacancy in 2013 to 17.3 in 2014.

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