Firefox 35 Launches With Simplified Hello Video Chat Service

Firefox 35 Launches With Simplified Hello Video Chat Service

Mozilla Firefox 35.0 Launches

Mozilla’s Latest Version of Firefox

Mozilla today launched the latest version of Firefox — that’s version 35 if you are still keeping track. Besides numerous minor updates, including support for MP4 video on OS X Snow Leopard, Firefox now features a simplified version of the free WebRTC-based Firefox Hello video chat service. Let’s take a look.


Mozilla has just released version 35 of its open-source desktop browser Firefox, with a host of performance improvements, fixes and an easier-to-use version of its free cross-browser video chat app, Firefox Hello.

Firefox Hello works across WebRTC-supported browsers including Google Chrome and Opera. To use it, simply click the Hello button on your toolbar (or right-click the toolbar, click Customize and add the button from there), hit ‘Start a conversation’ and then share the link with a contact to begin video chatting in your browser.

Video about Firefox 35.0

Firefox Hello doesn’t require users to sign up, but doing so allows you to add contacts and call them directly if they’re online.

Other improvements to Firefox include support for MP4 video on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and newer), better dynamic styling, and a new button for an existing feature called Firefox Share, which allows users to share links via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Gmail and more from a single pop-up.

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Source: Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Image image: Rauf Rehman