HP 255 G3 Laptop Review

HP 255 G3 Laptop Review

HP 255 G3

HP 255 G3 Review

With decent keyboard, trackpad and display for only £200 the HP 255 G3 is a decent budget Windows laptop that will get you buy. Here’s our HP 255 G3 review.

HP 255 G3

We’ve noticed a trend over the last 12 months or so – the cheapest laptop models for all the main vendors come from their business ranges. We saw it already with the Lenovo B50 series, the Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 and the Dell Inspiron 15 3531. HP is the fourth vendor to offer a business laptop as its cheapest SKU (stock keeping unit); the HP 255 G3 is an update to its 255 G2, the model that we tested last year.

Its business credentials are further backed by the sparse documentation in the box, most of which had the word “business” plastered all over.

Video About HP 255 G3

Don’t expect the HP 255 G3 to turn any heads thanks to its design or performance. However, this machine costs just £200 (around $350, AU$390) and joins the growing ranks of laptops selling for about that price. The rising popularity of Chromebooks over the last two years may have convinced Microsoft, AMD and Intel that they have a common rival in Google and ARM, in the entry-level laptop market.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 8.1 with Bing last year to reduce the desirability of Chrome OS and it is likely that tier-one vendors such as Lenovo or HP can get licenses for the operating system for very cheap, or perhaps even free.

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Image Source: Aladden Sima