The Key Skills to be Employed in the IT Industry

The Key Skills to be Employed in the IT Industry

Computer Technician Services

computer technician services

In the IT Industry, it is important that you are very good with both the software and hardware parts of a system unit. Even mobile phones, xboxes, wii, psp, smartphones, and all other computer technician services offered by a computer store. It may be hard at first but when you get oriented with the job, it will not be too hard already. But it requires patience and focus. So what happen to the IT graduates?

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IT Talent Shortage: Ugly Truths

IT pros are starting to feel disposable. Wake up, IT leaders: Relationships like this don’t survive.

Successful IT people are fierce, smart, generous, proud, and brutally honest. When I wrote about the IT talent shortage debate, I expected passionate reader email about painful job hunting, and I got it.

“As one of the ‘unemployable’ IT workers with 3 decades of experience, I think you are missing something,” one reader emailed me. “The one thing that was not discussed is how we are treating the people as disposable commodities in an industry where it can take decades to develop the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that is required.”

Disposable commodities. Take that in for a minute. For many people, I bet it hit home instantly. He’s not the only person to voice that sentiment to me in the past few weeks as I researched this article, but he crystallized it.

In a quest for business and operational speed, has IT started treating its most valuable resource, its people, as disposable?

I heard how the pressure for speed is affecting all sides — IT leaders, HR pros, recruiters, and job hunters — as I researched the supposed talent shortage. Today’s business environment demands that IT move at a much faster pace. That means companies spin up IT projects quickly and hire people — often as contractors, sometime as employees — keyed to those projects.

Job hunters say the hiring process has become inflexible to the point of being broken. (And in our survey research for this story, 30% of hiring managers agreed that the process is broken.) You’re a multi-faceted IT professional but not a 100% perfect specifications fit? The project manager will never even see your resume.

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Source:  Laurianne McLaughlin