Nokia Lumia 630: A vibrant, cheap alternative to Android

Nokia Lumia 630: A vibrant, cheap alternative to Android

Nokia Lumia 630 Launch

Nokia Lumia 630 Review

The Nokia Lumia 630 has fun, colourful, interchangeable cases, its Windows Phone 8.1 software is easy to use and Nokia’s bundled apps come in handy. Find out more about it here.

Nokia Lumia 630

Update: The Nokia Lumia 630 is becoming cheaper all the time and new phones have arrived to challenge it, including newer Lumia’s. Our review now reflects this.

With the Nokia Lumia 520 now the world’s top-selling Windows Phone 8 handset, it’s no surprise that Nokia and Microsoft are concentrating on strengthening their low-budget range as it tries to dominate an area of the market.

The Nokia Lumia 630 was the first Windows Phone to arrive straight out of the box with Windows Phone 8.1.Price-wise the Lumia 630 slots into the bottom end of the range just above the Lumia 520 and the newer Nokia Lumia 530, but it comes jam-packed with features thanks to the upgraded operating system, therefore you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Video About Nokia Lumia 630

Windows Phone 8.1 offers a lot more upgrades and additions than you would expect from the usual ‘point upgrade’, it’s almost a complete overhaul of its predecessor.

All of the desirable features of Windows Phone 8 remain, however the upgrade pushes the OS closer to its competitors iOS and Android, replicating their existing features with the likes of the new Word Flow Keyboard and Action Centre.

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