Nvidia Shield Tablet review: Powerhouse of Android gaming

Nvidia Shield Tablet review: Powerhouse of Android gaming

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review

Nvidia Shield Tablet is an Android Gaming Tablet

Take your gaming anywhere with NVIDIA SHIELD™, the world’s first gaming portable for open platforms, designed for untethered gameplay. Here’ more about Nvidia Shield tablet, the best gaming tablet in town.

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The idea of serious gaming on a tablet device originally went south for us the moment we tried to control a first-person shooter using touchscreen controls. They are too clumsy for reversal of movement or reactionary firing, leading to an okay but not console-like experience.

There are plenty of fine games on mobile devices, just not those that you’d find on a dedicated gaming machine, such as a PS4, Xbox One or even PS Vita. That’s where Nvidia comes in with the Shield Tablet, an Android slate with more than an eye on the gaming market. And while it’s not the first dedicated gaming tablet, it’s by far the most capable.

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The big question is whether Nvidia has geared it so much towards gaming that it is lacking in the features and functions that make an Android tablet so appealing. But as we’ve found out from weeks of use that’s not the case: the Shield Tablet is a brilliant standalone Android tablet too. Here’s why.

Designed for gaming
Nvidia has dabbled in the portable gaming arena before, with its Android-based Shield device. However, the Shield Tablet is a far more important statement for the company in that it is both significantly more powerful and available in regions outside of North America. And yep, that means the UK too.

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