PlayStation 4 and the Blue Light of Death

PlayStation 4 and the Blue Light of Death

Blue Light of Death in PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 BSOD and Broken Hardware Reports

PlayStation 4 users reported an issue which had the system stuck on the “blinking blue light” part of the console’s startup sequence and it could be down to damage during delivery. Here’s some important information on how serious are the PS4’s BSOD and hardware issues.

playstation 4 blue screen of death

Just a few days after launch, the PlayStation had already earned a dubious honor: a nickname for its potentially fatal flaw. What some users are calling the Blue Light of Death, mimicking the infamous Red Ring of Death that plagued the launch of the Xbox 360 for years, has forced hundreds of PlayStation 4 owners to send their systems back to Sony and vent their frustrations in online reviews and forums. But just how widespread is the issue?

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While it’s impossible to accurately gauge how far the claims of broken systems extend, prior to launch Sony shared that their expected failure rate for the console was 0.4%. To put that in perspective, that’s about 1 in 250. With over one million PlayStation 4 systems sold, that comes to about 4,000 potentially broken systems. While that’s a small number compared to the 996,000 that do work, that’s little consolation if you’re one of the 4,000 affected waiting to mail a $400 paperweight back to Sony.This is also the first console-launch since the wide spread of social media, where users can quickly and easily share their opinions with a world-wide audience ready to listen. And studies have shown that people are much more likely to share negative experiences over positive ones.

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