Ways to make USB plugs easier to live with

Ways to make USB plugs easier to live with

USB plugs

Can’t wait for USB 3.1? Here’s how to simplify life with plugs until it arrives.


Here we are in 2015, and USB plugs still aren’t reversible: You have to plug them in exactly the right way. That’s always fun when you’re trying to connect something to a tower PC case or inconveniently located USB port in your car. Usually it starts with a lot of contortions, continues with searching for a flashlight and ends with a least a little cursing.

New USB standards — most notably USB 3.1 and Apple’s just-announced USB Type-C — will make the pluggable life a lot easier, as the new ports and connectors have no “right side up”: They work much like Apple’s current Lightning ports and plugs, which is to say everything’s reversible. As it should be. As it should have been 10 years ago.

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That’s great for all the gear you’re going to buy in the future, but what about now? Are we doomed to live with difficult USB for all our current cables and devices?

We are not! Here are three ways to make today’s USB less of a hassle.

The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to “fix” any USB device is to break out the nail polish. A little dab of red on the up-facing side of the connector (not the metal part that actually goes into the port, but the plastic casing behind it) will show you at-a-glance which way the plug goes.

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Image Source:Jacob Garcia