What $250K Savelli Smartphones Looks Like?

What $250K Savelli Smartphones Looks Like?

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Luxury smartphones with exquisite materials and cutting-edge technology are very expensive. Have you ever wondered what is the $250,000 Savelli luxury phone looks like? What’s it made of, why it cost that high? Here you can have the answer to your questions.

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Standing out amongst Savelli‘s gleaming line of Android handsets is the Emerald Night, which carries an outrageous price tag of $250,000.

Yep, that’s right, thousand. The Emerald Night carries as many precious stones as the Queen’s crown jewels, and that isn’t a joke either.

It’s made of 18-carat rose gold and sprinkled with 400 intricately-cut emeralds.

Savelli then gives clients the choice between a range of luxury animal skins to finish the smartphone, including ostrich, python and iguana leather

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In an interview with CNN, Alessandro Savelli, the CEO of the Geneva-based jeweller, explained the importance of smartphones in everyday life and what their clients look for in a handset.

“It’s the most important object one has with them all the time – it’s in your hand, it’s in your pocket, it’s next to you when you sleep, you can touch it 100 times a day,” Savelli explained.

“I think our customers are really looking for something special.”

Savelli is hoping to win over luxury shoppers, with focus largely on women, by creating something visually unique rather than concentrate on things like performance and specs.

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