Bogus FIFA 15 Crack & Keygen Scams: Beware

Bogus FIFA 15 Crack & Keygen Scams: Beware

Bogus FIFA 15 Computer Game Scams

Fifa 15 is the newest video game of an association football released last September 2014. And there are already files of games to be downloaded on the net but not all of them are reliable and genuine. Beware of Bogus FIFA 15 Crack & Keygen Scams. Find more details about the product here.


FIFA 15 Crack & Keygen Scams

As always when a big release is expected, scammer are just around the corner, waiting for users to fall into their traps. Such is the case, of course, with FIFA 15, the well-known Electronic Arts sports franchise released today.

Scammers right now are employing most any method they can get dream up, from fake blogs or web sites well-ranked in Google searches to survey downloads.

Here are a few print screens of web sites with malicious intent:

Video about Fifa 15

Good to know:

1. Only EA-authorized third parties give away license keys, which usually never happens before or during launch day.

2. There is no crack or key generator for FIFA 15. Learning from past experiences, key generators are no more applicable to Electronic Arts’ Origin platform and YES cracks have appeared before with malicious code injected in them.

3. The game never appears on torrent trackers before launch day and claims to the contrary are usually fake or seeking to spread malware.

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Source: Lucian Ciolacu

Image Source: Marco Verch