Comcast goes Uber — track your technician’s journey on screen

Comcast goes Uber — track your technician’s journey on screen

Comcast goes Uber

Comcast System

In an attempt to curtail the dreaded large time-windows, Comcast tests a system where you can track the cable guy’s progress, so you’re not waiting around at home.


I imagine Comcast‘s senior management looking at Uber’s recent bad publicity and rushing to their cellar to pull out a fine vintage.

Over the last few years, Comcast’s image and customer service has resembled that of Italian government offices. Yet now it has begun to consider, well, customers. And it’s been stimulated by one of the more positive aspects of Uber’s service, and has applied it to its own.

I marvel at how Uber users love to stare at their phones and proudly say: “Oh, look! My driver’s just four minutes away!”

Video About Comcast

Well, soon you might be able to say the same of your Comcast cable guy. Comcast announced today through its own blog that it’s testing a service that means you won’t have to sit at home for hours waiting for a nice sweaty man to be late.

Comcast’s headline: “Your Time is Valuable; We Don’t Want to Waste It.” The more disgruntled might have inserted parentheses that hummed: “Because Lord Knows How Much Of Your Time We’ve Wasted Over The Years.”

New Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin explained in the post how the service will work. He wrote: “Customers with scheduled appointments will be alerted through our App when our technician is about 30 minutes away from arriving at their house, and will be able to track this technician’s progress on a map.”

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Source: Chris Matyszczyk

Image Source: Steve Garfield