Hard drive device: Western Digital Red 6TB Review

Hard drive device: Western Digital Red 6TB Review

Western Digital Red 6TB hard drive device review

The newest hard drive device Western Digital Red 6TB, all you need to know

A hard disk drive is a hardware device that’s used to store information like software and files. Western Digital Red 6TB is the newest and the most durable capacity hard drive device storage for high-availability deployments. Find the best deals from our wide range of External Hard Drives.


Western Digital Red 6TB hard drive

The Red 6TB is the latest and highest-capacity NAS hard disk from Western Digital, a company with much experience in making hard disks specifically designed for NAS devices. Indeed, it’s easily the highest capacity internal hard disk we’ve yet seen.

Like all Western Digital Red models, the 6TB model has NAS-specific firmware called NASWare. The Red 6TB uses the latest version of NASWare, version 3.0, which isn’t available as a download that you can install on older Red disks. According to Western Digital, NASWare 3.0 has better RAID error recovery and better data protection in the event of a loss of power, as well as increased reliability, compatibility and performance with an ever wider range of NAS models.

Video about WD Red 6TB Hard Drive Device

Although we can’t test most of these claims, we can test performance. We were sceptical about Western Digital’s claims of increased performance, so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw a small increase in file transfer speeds for the 6TB Red compared to the older 3TB model. When fitted inside a Synology DS214+ (see Group Test, Shopper 320), the Red 6TB wrote large files at 103.8MB/s and read them at 105.4MB/s. Small files were written at 19.8MB/s and read at 26.2MB/s. Overall, it’s around 8MB/s faster than the older Red 3TB for both large and small files.