iPad Air 2 Review: Gold standard for tablets!

iPad Air 2 Review: Gold standard for tablets!

Apple iPad Air 2 Review

Apple iPad Air 2 Features

Following months of leaks and rumours, the iPad Air 2 release date has come to pass and the new 9.7-inch is now on sale. Here’s the review and everything you need to know about Apple’s super slim, Touch ID loving tablet.

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Sometimes Apple creates revolutionary products. And sometimes, Apple takes an iconic gadget and locks it into place, polishing its form year after year. The “Perfected Product” is a path that devices like the iPod and, most recently, the MacBook Air have settled into: slight tweaks, and designs that started to become practically identical.

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While the iPhone is a gadget that’s still in evolution, the iPad feels pretty close to perfection. And the iPad Air 2 hasn’t done all that much to change the equation. It’s even thinner than last year’s version. It has a faster processor. It has improved cameras. It has a Touch ID sensor. It has an anti-reflective display. Its storage options are a little more affordable, if you’re the type to pay up to 64 or 128GB. It’s still $500 for 16GB (available in the UK and Australia for £400 and AU$620, respectively), but $600, £480, AU$740 now gets you 64GB, and $700, £560, AU$860 128GB. And yes, it comes in optional gold-ish tinged metal. Are these reasons enough to get a new iPad? Maybe not: iPads last forever, and you can hold onto one for years like a laptop, before needing a new one.

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