Apple Iphone cases: must-have accessories

Apple Iphone cases: must-have accessories

Apple iPhone Cases

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When it comes to your iPhone, you protect it by all means necessary. This includes purchasing a case for it. For most people, having an iPhone case on their phone is a fashion statement. Although the cases come with pretty designs for both males and females, this is not the purpose of an iPhone case. The purpose of an iPhone case is protect the phone. Here’s some unique case for iPhones, this is a must have!

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Phone cases are boring. Adventurous, life-marrow-sucking souls are known to embrace the danger of carrying their iPhones case-free, begging fate to shatter those screens when running from bulls or jumping out of moving cars. But even more hardcore than carrying a naked iPhone is wrapping it in a badass case like one of these. Your boring silicone sleeve can’t see heat, or saw through wood, or build an IKEA bookcase. These cases can.

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Flir One: Thermal vision
As the Predator and other aliens can attest, there’s a hidden universe lurking just beyond the visible spectrum. The $349 Flir One is a case for the iPhone 5 that lets you view the world as varying shades of hot and cold rather than in a spectrum of ordinary colors.

The first question you might ask is: Why on earth would you need such a thing? Actually, infrared thermal imaging has a lot of applications, ranging from household repair and DIY projects to wildlife hunting to, well, ghost hunting. And since thermal imagers are generally quite expensive (starting around $1000), the Flir One turns your iPhone into a bargain priced IR imager.

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