iPod Touch: Is it Worth Buying For

iPod Touch: Is it Worth Buying For

Apple’s iPod Touch Hands-on

Apple’s 5th Generation iPod Touch

Getting an iPod touch is exciting, but it’s not the only thing you need. Here are some suggestions for other things you should get with your iPod. Find out why you should buy or not to buy an iPod touch right now. think twicw before you lose some money.


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This post started out as an iPod Touch deal: Walmart had the refurbished fifth-gen Touch (32GB) for $179, the lowest price I’ve seen for that model and a whopping $120 less Apple charges for a new one.

Alas, it sold out before I finished the third paragraph. Which is okay, because I wanted to have a discussion about the product anyway: Does the iPod Touch still have a place in the world?

Because, think about it, it’s really the only remaining product of its kind (not that it ever had a lot of competition). Put simply, it’s an iPhone without the phone, a fully app-capable entertainment wafer without the pesky monthly service charge.

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Ah, but who’s the target market these days? Most adults and teens have (or want) smartphones. That leaves younger kids, but in most cases a tablet makes more sense for ages 2 to 12.

It certainly makes more financial sense. Today, for example, Staples has the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD (8GB) for $124 shipped (plus tax), and you get a $25 Staples gift card by mail. Sure, it lacks cameras and doesn’t fit in your pocket, but it offers a much larger screen, parental controls, and other kid-friendly benefits.

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