IT survival in a digital world

IT survival in a digital world

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In today’s ever changing marketplace, one wonders: How do businesses survive in the digital age? Most businesses believe that they have a digital presence but it is not enough for them to just have a website and a few social channels.

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Traditional IT skills center on technology and infrastructure like servers, databases, and telecom systems. Although important, these skills are rapidly becoming insufficient to meet the expectations of digital business.

To be clear, traditional IT and the CIO are not going away anytime soon. Businesses and the government run on datacenters and applications that require traditional infrastructure and skills. The deep reservoir of existing systems is not going away anytime soon, which should give some solace to folks with traditional IT skills.

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However, the writing on the CIO wall is clear: embrace digital technologies, skills, competencies, and business models or your value and influence will decline. Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers on CEO perspectives [PDF] about digital business reinforces the increasing pressure that IT and the CIO will experience going forward.

For this research, PwC interviewed 1322 CEOs to gain their views on a broad range of issues including technology, strategy, human capital, diversity, competition and partnering. The firm has conducted similar research for almost 20 years, making this a particularly valuable and trusted resource.

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