The Larger Ipad Pro Is Coming This 2015

The Larger Ipad Pro Is Coming This 2015

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Why is it Apple is holding off Ipad pro untill 2015? Production issues and a focus on expanding the iPhone supply are just a few reasons why the long rumored Ipad Pro is set aside. Find out here why the larger iPad Pro is a no-show this year.

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CUPERTINO, Calif. — Apple had plenty of iPad news on Thursday, but there was one glaring exception: the long-rumored iPad Pro.

Apple had been rumored for months to be working on a bigger tablet, likely with a 12.9-inch display. While some reports had the company releasing the device this year, the fact that Thursday’s event came and went without any mention of an iPad Pro suggests the company is holding off until next year.

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With the growth in the tablet market slowing, a larger iPad Pro could have shaken things up, giving businesses and power users a reason to buy a new device. While the iPad remains the top-selling tablet franchise in the industry, Apple has seen declining shipments over the last few quarters. The minor tweaks included in the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 aren’t likely to send customers to stores in droves (beyond the first-day lines, of course).

In Apple’s fiscal third quarter that ended June 28 — the most recent period the company has reported — iPad sales dropped 9 percent from a year earlier to 13.3 million. That fell short of analyst estimates and marks the second quarter in a row that demand has declined. While sales should jump back up during the holiday-shopping season, Apple may still struggle to surpass the mark set a year ago.

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